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Find Your Treasure Game

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Get ready to go on an adventure and Find Your Treasure

Find Your Treasure is an exciting treasure hunt game designed for play at home. Children uncover hidden clues, solve rhymming riddles and discover their treasure! Real gemstones and crystals that help unlock their inner strengths through engaging affirmation cards and storytelling prompts.

It's a magical game that fosters creativity, resilience, and family bonding, perfect for sparking imagination and discovery.

Product features: 

  • Exciting at-home treasure hunt game
  • Children uncover hidden clues and solve rhyming riddles
  • Discover REAL gemstones that unlock inner strengths
  • Engaging affirmation cards and storytelling prompts
  • Fosters creativity, resilience, and family bonding
  • Game includes: 40 Clue Cards, 7 Real Gemstones & Crystals, 7 Affirmation Cards, 7 Storyteller Cards and an instruction booklet.
  • Ages 4 and up
  • 2 or more players (can be played in groups of children)


“The kids just love the treasure hunt game! They keep playing it over and over! They are 11, 8 and 6 and its usually hard to find games that they all enjoy playing together - but they just love this! They take in turns hiding the clues and trying to find the gems.” - Susie, Mum of three.

“The kids are having a ball, we have played the gem game about 50 times! Even our 17 year old nephew had a turn to hide the gems!” - Renae, Mum and Teacher