Hello I’m Kate!

I live in the south west of Western Australia with my husband Shaun, our beautiful kids Emily and Joshua and our cat Dylan. We all love rocks, minerals and crystals! Shaun and I both followed this passion into exciting careers as geologists, exploring for minerals in Australia, Canada and around the world.

Later in my career, I completed my law degree as I moved into a corporate role. Juggling work, study and babies was certainly a physical and mental challenge! Throughout my life, whether I have been in stressful commercial negotiations or driving up snowy mountains in an F350, I always looked inward, connected with my soul, felt empowered, resilient and found my strength within.

Becoming a mother has inspired me to write and create soul-centred books, games and products. My mission is to EMPOWER children to connect with their soul and INSPIRE them to find their soul treasure. So they grow up feeling confident, happy, powerful, resilient and full of joy!

I am excited to see what our children’s generation will create. Just imagine how amazing the world will be in their hands!