Soul Treasure Gemstone Affirmation Card Kits

What are Affirmations Cards?

Soul Treasure Affirmation Cards are bright, colourful gemstone cards that contain positive, uplifting statements beginning with the words “I am.” These two tiny words are very powerful. By starting a sentence with “I am” we define who we are and what we are capable of being and achieving.

Why are Affirmation Cards important for children?

In the same way that eating healthy food nourishes our children’s growing bodies, saying positive affirmations nourishes our children’s growing minds and helps them connect with their soul.

Our souls are filled with the power to be everything that we can imagine and believe. We can teach children to tap into their own power and connect with their soul from a young age by saying positive, uplifting, empowering affirmations. 

By doing so, we are teaching children to believe in themselves. Believe in their abilities, their value, their worth, their power. Saying positive affirmations helps to dissolve fear and self-doubt and instil in our children the firm knowledge that they are the masters of their own destiny. The creators of their own reality. By saying positive affirmations, our children are cultivating self-love and self-confidence and setting themselves up to manifest their dreams.

How do children use Affirmation Cards?

Soul Treasure Gemstone Affirmation Card Kits make it fun for kids to embrace positive thinking:

  • PLAY

    Play match the gemstones to the cards.


    Create an Affirmation Station by sticking the cards on a mirror, perhaps where your child brushes their teeth. While looking in the mirror, encourage your child to look into their own eyes as they say the affirmations for maximum impact and benefit.


    Daily affirmation - pop a card on the fridge for the whole family to say together.


    Inspire sweet dreams. Say the affirmation cards together at bedtime and place a gemstone under your child’s pillow.


    Empower your child by encouraging them to carry a gemstone and its matching affirmation card in their pocket each day to help remind them how POWERFUL and INCREDIBLE they truly are.