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Find Your Treasure Game - Class & Therapy Edition

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Get ready to embark on an adventure and discover your inner strengths with Find Your Treasure at school or in the therapy room!

This edition of the exciting treasure hunt game is designed for classrooms and therapy sessions. Children uncover hidden clues, solve rhyming riddles, and discover real gemstones and crystals that help unlock their potential through engaging affirmation cards and storytelling prompts.

It's a magical game that fosters creativity, resilience, and group bonding, perfect for sparking imagination and empowering young minds!

Product features: 

  • Exciting treasure hunt game
  • Designed to support emotional awareness and empower young minds!
  • Tailored for educational and therapeutic settings
  • Healing tool - nurtures emotional well-being
  • Ideal for group activities and discussions
  • Encourages emotional engagement and awareness
  • Promotes resilience and positive coping strategies
  • Game includes: 40 Clue Cards, 7 Large Real Gemstones & Crystals, 7 Large Affirmation Cards, 7 Large Storyteller Cards and an instruction booklet.
  • Ages 4 and up
  • 2 or more players (can be played with groups of children)


“The kids really enjoyed solving the clues. They loved the rhyming verses. When the treasure was found, there was much excitement in the room! We brought it back to the mat and sat in a circle where we opened the bag and looked at each gem one at a time... we talked about the colours, read the gemstone affirmation card, and passed it around to hold and feel. We played calming music during this time. Once we had looked at all the gems, we orally shared some stories based on the storyteller cards. I think this would be a valuable tool to use in health lessons, where at our school, we focus on the zones of regulation and really being in tune with how you are feeling. It aligns with the virtues, which our school embeds in all aspects of schooling” - Michelle, Pre-Primary Teacher