Why do kids love crystals and gemstones?

Why do kids love crystals and gemstones?

Shiny cool little rocks

Take your kids to your local gemstone store and watch their eyes light up with delight. I’m almost convinced my kids like gemstone shops better than lolly shops (OK, OK maybe they’re on par).

Wander in and roll a smooth, glossy, deep black obsidian stone around your palm. Hold an aquamarine crystal up to the light and feel like you’ve just dived into the waters of a tropical lagoon. Pick up a heavy celestite cluster and gaze into its peaceful, calm, baby blue hues. Run your fingers over the rough, jagged points of a raw amethyst cluster. Lose yourself for a moment in the glittering, snowy depths of a Moroccan quartz geode.

The myriad of colours. The array of textures. There’s no doubt about it - being in a gemstone store is simply a sensational delight.

So is this why kids love gemstones? The mesmerising colours and textures?

For thousands of years humans have been captivated by crystals. They are, quite literally, the jewels of planet Earth. Ancient cultures learned to work with crystals as healing tools, through vibration and resonance. I often wonder - is this why kids love gemstones? Are they picking up on the vibrational frequencies of crystals? Whether it is calming, uplifting, joyful, steadying or grounding. Are they innately tuning into these healing vibrations?

This question was at the front of my mind when I visited my favourite gemstone store with my kids and nephews recently and watched them choose a gemstone each.

Now, it is an ancient truth that you don’t choose a crystal, rather – crystals choose their owners. Whether it is by sight or feeling. We are drawn to the crystals that have the most meaning for us at that moment. And as I watched the kids carefully select a gemstone each and read aloud their crystal meaning cards, it couldn’t have been more on point. As my sister-in-law said to my nephews – ‘you have chosen exactly the stone that matches you.’

So how does this work? How do crystals choose their owner?

It is a clear and direct example of our intuition at work. Listening to our gut instinct. We will feel a pull, an attraction towards a crystal that will help us most, at that point in time. Whether you believe this direction, this hint towards a crystal is a message from your angels, guides, deceased loved ones or simply the wisdom of your own soul. It works just the same.

And to help our kids cultivate and validate this connection to their own intuition, to their own soul, we can ask them after they choose a crystal – what do you like about your crystal? What does it make you think of? How do you feel when you hold it? Then listen and learn from their beautiful responses.

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