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Try this! Protective Bubble Imagery helps with Emotional Regulation

Imagining or visualising a bubble of light around us is a great tool to teach our kids to help them feel safe, protected and calm when they are anxious or scared.

With my kids, we talk about our soul treasure shining bright inside our chest and then that light shines and extends out around us, surrounding us in a bubble of light.

If my kids feel scared, like when they are about to go to sleep at night I remind them to 'turn on' their blue light bubble by making a fist and pressing their thumb to their hand. This is like a little light switch that they can remember to press again if they wake up during the night and need to 'turn on' their protective blue light bubble again.

In My Soul Treasure, sapphires are our COURAGE soul gems. So this is a great soul treasure to remind our kids that they have in the treasure-chest of their soul and to practice visualising their soul expanding around them, and forming a bubble of blue light to help them feel brave.

Another soul treasure you could visualise to help your kids feel safe when they are scared is their ruby COSINESS soul gems. They could practice imagining themselves in a bubble of rosy red light at bedtime to help them feel safe when they go to sleep.

So why do protective bubble visualisation exercises help us and our kids?

Here are 3 quick reasons:

1. Creates a barrier for our emotions - this is really important for sensitive and empathic kids who often pick up on the energy and feelings of everyone around them. By visualising themselves in a bubble of light, they will feel protected and feel like they have a safe zone of energy, their soul, around them to protect them from picking up on negative or draining energies during the day.

2. Helps us to relax - being in the bubble of light helps us to feel calm and relaxed, because it feels like we have a protective cocoon around us. Studies have shown that using protective bubble guided imagery helps to reduce the intensity of negative emotions and increases positive emotions, which helps us to feel more relaxed and calm. 

3. Helps us feel in control - visualising our soul shining bright around us in a bubble of light helps our kids to have a sense of control over their environment. For example. if your kids feel scared of the dark at night time, they can visualise themselves in a bubble of bright colourful light. This helps them to feel safe and secure and reduces their anxiety about being alone in the dark. 

Here is a script you can use to try it out! I hope it helps xo


1. Help your child settle into bed.

2. Ask them to close their eyes and take a few deep breaths together.

3. Say "Imagine your soul sapphires shining bright blue in your chest. Picture them shining really bright and surrounding you in a big bubble of bright blue light. This bubble is your souls light protecting you and keeping you safe. When you are in your bubble of blue light, you feel brave. It keeps you safe and protects you from anything scary. If you wake up in the night and feel scared, just make a fist, press your thumb to your hand, this is like your own light switch. It will turn your blue bubble of light back on"

4. Once your child feels calm and safe you can suggest they try to fall sleep while visualising their bubble around them.



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