How to help your child clear their mind

How to help your child clear their mind

Do you want to know a simple way to help your children clear their minds?

Then read on! Or you can watch it here:

I’ve found this works especially well at bedtime, when my kids sometimes start pouring out their worries from the day, which are stopping them from falling sound asleep.

It’s a tip from Princess Melody, the magnificent mermaid in my book Find Your Treasure, who Katy and Mike meet on a moonlit beach.

But first, you might be wondering – who are Katy and Mike!? Well, quickly, I'll get you up to speed. Katy and her little bro Mike are flying around the world on the back of a magical dragonfly called Zippy (who just happens to be their Grandpa who, sadly just recently passed away). But Zippy appears one night to remind Katy and Mike that he watches over them from above in heaven and is going to take them on magical adventure to find their inner treasure. Katy and Mike must figure out, is their treasure in their mind, body or heart? Or do they have another part to discover?

OK, I think you’re up to speed. So let’s get back to Princess Melody on the moonlit beach. And what she has to say to about how our minds work.

Princess Melody reminds the children that thoughts come and go from our minds, she says ‘Thoughts float through your mind, like clouds through the sky. Some stick, some sink, some inspire.’

So what are these sticky thoughts? The children ask.

They are the worries, concerns or fearful thoughts that we might have in minds, Melody explains.

And as you know, for our kids these worries might be about falling asleep, being scared of the dark, something upsetting that happened during the day, or some change that is happening their life.

So how can we help our kids get rid of these fearful thoughts? And if thoughts do come and go from our minds, how can we let these fearful thoughts go? And clear our minds?

And that’s where Princess Melody’s tip comes in. We can blow them away, she tells the children.

First, imagine you are holding a bubble wand.

Take a deep breath, then blow that worrying troublesome thought out of your mind.

Imagine it being inside a bubble of swirling colours.

Watch that bubble float across your room, out through the window…up across the sky… all the way to sun and…

POP! Watch it burst and know it is gone.

We can teach our children to do this. I’ve found it’s practical, its fun and it helps my children to learn that we DO have the power to release fearful thoughts from our mind.

And as Princess Melody says, in Find Your Treasure – “The sun loves popping troublesome thought bubbles for lunch. So try and send the sun as many troublesome thoughts as you can. Release them from their mind. You will feel so much happier and lighter when they’re gone”.

So, see how you go. Try it out! And see if it works with your children.

I hope it helps! xo


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