How Our Souls Can Help Children Shine in Therapy

How Our Souls Can Help Children Shine in Therapy

Hello there!

Today, I want to talk about the benefits of teaching children about their souls in therapy.

Now, I know what you might be thinking - "souls? That sounds a bit too spiritual and WOO for me!"

But hear me out, because discussing our souls with children can actually be a super HELPFUL way to connect with them and guide them through their therapy journey.

So, what exactly are our souls? Well, in my book 'My Soul Treasure,' I describe our souls as the biggest part of us - our essence, our spirit, our spark. They're invisible, but they sparkle and shine like gemstones and jewels of every kind.

When I read this story out loud to groups of children, they're always amazed at the idea that there's more to them than what they can see in the mirror. And that's exactly why talking about our souls is so important - it helps children understand that there's a deeper part of them that they can connect with.

Once we've established what our souls are, we can talk about how they can help us. There are two key ways our souls can benefit us:

  1. Our souls are always with us. They're like our shadow or reflection - we're never truly alone. This can be a comforting thought for children who might be struggling with feelings of isolation or loneliness.

  2. Our souls are our source of power. When we need help feeling powerful, purposeful, or energized, we can call upon our soul. We can connect with it and visualize it filling us up with power and surrounding us like a forcefield. This can be especially helpful in moments where children feel sad, low, angry, scared, or confused. For example, if they're feeling bullied on the playground, they can visualize their soul expanding around them in a bubble to help them feel a sense of protection and control.

But how do we feed our souls and keep them shining bright? That's where the fun part comes in! In 'My Soul Treasure' and 'Find Your Treasure,' I use the analogy that our souls are filled with treasure - gemstones and jewels! Each gemstone and jewel in the treasure chest of our soul is a power we have. Our soul treasure is our inner strengths, our ability to be creative, imaginative, happy, and much more.

By talking to children about their soul treasure, their inner strengths, and encourage them to spend time embodying these qualities and being this way, their soul shines bright. They feel more alive. They feel their spark shine.

The 'Find Your Soul Treasure and Shine Bright' activity workbook is filled with hundreds of fun examples of activities children can choose from to help them find their soul treasure and connect with their souls so they can shine bright. It includes fun challenges and reflection journal entries that they can complete after an activity.

Talking to our children about their souls might seem a bit unconventional at first, but it's a powerful tool for helping them CONNECT with their inner selves and feel empowered.

So go and start exploring your soul treasure - who knows what kind of magic you'll find inside! 

And if you're a therapist or counselor, consider trying this approach in your practice to see if it helps your young clients connect with their inner strengths and shine bright.

I hope it helps xo

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