How Gemstones can Help Kids Cope during Big Life Changes

How Gemstones can Help Kids Cope during Big Life Changes

Gemstone Lovelines: A Simple and Fun Approach to Healing

Big life changes aren't easy. Life doesn't always go the way we want. Heartbreaking things like separation, divorce, the loss of a loved one or pet can happen. It is hard enough coping with these life changes as an adult, let alone when you are a little kid. So what can we do to help children cope during times of change?

As J-Glow the Firefly Queen reminds Katy and Mike in my book Find Your Treasure:

"Be gentle with yourself...Listen to what your heart is telling you. Acknowledge your feelings. Ask yourself "How do I feel?" Then express your feelings in a way that is safe and healthy."

In Find Your Treasure you will find many practical suggestions that we can teach our kids to help them express their hurt feelings like: 

  • Writing a letter about how they feel then scrunching it up into a big ball
  • Writing a letter about how they feel then ripping it up into tiny pieces and throwing them in the air (kids love getting to make a mess!)
  • Stomping their feet hard on the ground to release their sad and angry feelings
  • Jumping up and down on the trampoline to shake off their sad and angry feelings
  • Go for a walk, find a quiet spot and have a good cry or shout
  • Talk to your family or friends and ask for their help

To me, the key thing is acknowledging our children's feelings, but then helping them to find a healthy way to shake off and release their anger, hurt or grief.

So what about using gemstones and healing crystals? How can they help children cope during big life changes.

Let me share with you one of my favourite ways that I like to reassure my sensitive little ones, especially when they are feeling hurt or when they were grieving the loss of a beloved family member who passed away.

We call it the - GEMSTONE LOVELINE

It is a beautiful way to connect with your child, reassure them that no matter what big changes happen in life, whether that's separation, divorce, the loss of a loved one - they have so many people in their life who love them. This one helps children really fill up and be reminded that they are loved, they are valued, they belong.

Here is how you can make a GEMSTONE LOVELINE with your kids:

1. Get your kids gemstone collection. They can be real gemstones or even pretty crystals or plastic gems that you can buy at your local $2 shop.

2. Sit on the ground in a comfy spot, like on a nice rug.

3. Start putting the gems into a line. You could start at one end of the room or rug and try and make your line stretch way across to the other side.

4. Once you have made your line, go back to the start and say to your child 'You are so very loved. And you have so many wonderful loving family, friends and pets in your life. Even though you might not see all of these people every day, remember they always love you. It doesn't matter if they are alive or passed away, if they are here right now or somewhere else. Remember they love you so much'

5. Then point to each gem and say the name of everyone your child loves in their family, their friends, pets. Keep going down the line and say all the names. Children love this part, they will remember all their cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends. 

6. When you get to the end of the line, look back along it with your child and say 'Wow, look at all those wonderful people we are so lucky to have in our life. They love you so much. You are a valuable part of something very big'

7. At the end your child might enjoy scooping up all the gems into their hands and looking at how many gems there are. Enjoy the moment connecting with them.

So there you have it, a simple and fun moment to share with your child using gemstones and healing crystals to help them cope during big life changes.

I hope it helps xo

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